Enterprise-grade AI for meetings

Powered by AI and Decisions meeting process intelligence, will transform how effective and actionable your meetings are, and how easy they can be to plan, run and repeat.
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Decisions, a pioneer in the meeting management space, announces early access to our latest meeting-maximizing product: This game-changing platform fuses Decisions' years of experience, research, and development in the meeting space with cutting-edge AI technology to deliver a comprehensive suite of tools for orchestrating more effective, efficient and impactful meetings.

Over the past decade, the Decisions team has consistently delivered best-in-class meeting solutions that enable organizations to enhance their meeting processes. Our commitment to innovation has led to a suite of pioneering tools including in-meeting agendas, task management and decision tracking tailored for Microsoft Teams; intelligent time tracking and speaker management, as well as automated meeting minutes and records; and much more.

Drawing from our experience and a deep understanding of our clients' needs, we continue to push the boundaries in the realm of meeting management.

"Not only will revolutionize productivity for our customers and future users - it's going to redefine the entire meeting experience," said Jørgen Solberg, CEO of Decisions. "Beyond the time-saving aspect of the platform, we're infusing years of research and meeting knowledge, combined with contextual data to genuinely create more collaborative, inclusive meetings. We firmly believe this will unlock the potential of successful, collaborative hybrid and virtual workplaces."

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Discover is a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence platform for meeting management. To start, the beta will specifically focus on four key functionalities, including the ability to:

  • Generate an agenda for your upcoming meetings with one click, as synthesizes data from a variety of sources to determine the best topics for the meeting that users can edit manually or by entering additional prompts.
  • Use conversation to create meeting content. Meeting organizers and participants can type any changes, suggestions or edits they wish to the Decisions meeting bot, and it will create draft topics for upcoming meetings to for users to manually edit and/or approve.
  • Quickly create smart structured meeting recaps. Record or transcribe meetings, then let generate an instant recap that includes agenda item summaries, decisions, assigned tasks, and more.
  • Enable users to prepare for upcoming meetings with a smart summary of individuals’ weekly meeting calendars. is being designed as a flexible foundation — separate but seamlessly integrated with the core Decisions application — that will rapidly evolve into a user's ultimate personal meeting assistant.

The goal? Eliminating tedious, repetitive manual tasks, and helping you extract more insights from all of your meeting data and content.

What can you expect from

A lot of the buzz right now around AI is in helping reduce time-intensive tasks, particularly those around content creation. With, that is where we started. The first of several components focus on agenda creation and meeting recaps, as well as maximizing both the volume of meetings in the week that have agendas, and the quality of the drafts of those agendas.

During the early access period, organizations and individuals who use will be able to use the tool to generate an agenda draft, from scratch, for all their meetings. Alongside the user's prompt, utilizes information from the calendar invite, including attendees, time, topic, and any calendar notes, to instantly create an agenda that can be modified and collaborated on further. 

In addition, now powers the Decisions bot within Microsoft Teams, and you can engage with the bot to drive action in your meeting agendas.

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As an example, prompting the bot to “Create an agenda item to discuss the fiscal year budget during our next finance team meeting” will build a draft agenda item for that meeting, which you share with other attendees. can even check for relevant files to attach (the budget spreadsheet, for example) and attach it to the agenda. 

And, once the meeting is complete, that's where it gets even better. Our AI recap tool can synthesize all the content from the meeting (the chat, the agenda, the transcription and recording) and create a fully formed recap, complete with decisions and assigned tasks called out.

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Reducing time-to-agenda

And is already delivering on the ability to save significant time and money for organizations. In internal testing, the time to create a somewhat complex agenda for a one-hour meeting with seven-plus participants, at least six agenda items in a variety of meeting types, was nearly 6x faster than doing it by hand. 

For an average employee with 8 meetings to plan each week, can reduce the pre-work for those meetings by 30 minutes or more. And that’s just the start.

How can you access will necessitate organizations to have a fully approved version of Decisions to run on your Microsoft tenant, but it will feature its own terms and authentication processes. is engineered as a service that amplifies the Decisions experience for users who opt in. will be available in beta for select users, and if you and your organizations are interested, you can sign up to join the list at The phase-one product release will spotlight an agenda-generation tool, enabling users to craft smart meeting agendas in mere seconds from existing calendar invites and prompts. During the beta phase, access to the tool will be complimentary, but it will eventually require a Decisions subscription package that includes paid access to the tool.

How Decisions views AI

We believe that AI-powered tools have the promise to unlock productivity and efficiency gains previously thought impossible — both for organizations and for individuals. We are committed to developing in this space responsibly and are focusing our early efforts with within the Azure cloud ecosystem and within a limited set of functionalities around agenda building, bot messaging and interaction, and calendar planning, to start. As always, our commitment and partnership with Microsoft allow us to move quickly to adapt to new opportunities in line with our customers' demands.

In recap is designed to help businesses save time, increase productivity, and ultimately, drive better outcomes. By providing a more comprehensive and integrated solution for meeting management through the use of cutting-edge AI technology, Decisions is helping businesses of all sizes improve their operations and achieve their goals.

"It's in our core DNA to level-up meeting culture at every organization we work with," Solberg said. "We're excited to continue to build the future of meetings with AI."