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Discover everything that's available in with Decisions' add-on AI-powered platform.

Meeting recap

Meeting Recap Optimized

Meeting Recap is a powerful AI tool that simplifies post-meeting workflows. It automatically generates concise and insightful summaries of your meetings using information from transcripts, notes, meeting chat, invite details, and more. This smart summary includes tasks, key takeaways, and highlighted decisions, providing a comprehensive overview of the meeting's outcomes.

How to use Meeting Recap

Once the meeting concludes, navigate to the agenda page on Decisions and click the 'Generate Meeting Recap' button to initiate the recap process.

  • Meeting Recap works best with transcriptions turned on. Ensure that an M365 admin has allowed Decisions to access transcripts, and that your meeting is set to record and transcribe.
  • After the meeting, navigate to the agenda view for the meeting in Decisions.
  • Locate and click the 'Generate Meeting Recap' button.
  • You'll be able to add notes and select data sources. The platform will automatically synthesize your selected information into a recap with a concise summary, key takeaways, decisions, and action items.
  • Review and finalize your recap using quick action buttons or describing what you'd like to change.
  • Share your recap to the Teams Meeting Chat or via email.

Meeting Minutes

AI Meeting Minutes Animated Graphic

Our AI Meeting Minutes tool is designed to streamline the post-meeting documentation process without compromising accuracy or reliability. With just a click, generate comprehensive and structured summaries of your meetings. Meeting Minutes organizes information based on agenda items and allows you to quickly identify meeting attendees and absentees while automatically populating key details such as  meeting name, time, location, agenda, minutes, tasks, and decisions in a structured output that can even utilize custom templates.

How to use Meeting Minutes

Access AI meeting minutes as an option where you normally create meeting minutes within the agenda editor view. This feature is available for meeting minutes created in both OneNote and Word.

  • In order to create minutes, you will need to ensure that your meeting has an agenda and that it is published.
  • Meeting Minutes work best with transcriptions turned on. Ensure that you have transcriptions enabled and that your meeting is set to automatically record and transcribe.
  • Start by navigating to the agenda editor view for the meeting in Decisions and locate the create minutes tab in the top right of your window and select whether you would like to create your minutes is OneNote or Word.
  • For OneNote, follow the prompts to select your meeting notebook and storage location, then select "AI Minutes" to start the process,
  • Selecting AI Meeting Minutes in Word will open a new Microsoft Word window. From the Decisions Meeting Document Manager Add-in in the side panel, you can select AI Minutes.
  • If you have not done so already, please ensure you have the Meeting Documents Manager add-in from Decisions installed for Word.
  • You'll be able to add notes and select data sources as well.
  • Review and finalize your mintes using quick action buttons or describing what you'd like to change.
  • You'll be able to make manual edits after generating your minutes using AI.
  • If you'd like, share your minutes for review, annotations, or approval and e-signature.
  • Share your finalized minutes to the Teams Meeting Chat or via email.
  • If you have existing meeting minutes, the AI tool can also be used to edit and re-generate meeting minutes.

AI Meeting Assistant (chat functionality)

Decisions Chat AI

The AI chat bot introduces a conversational approach to managing meeting agendas. The Decisions bot is accessible through your Teams chat. Simply converse with the chat bot to propose agenda items, including details such as attachments, lengths, and types. The bot understands your requests and generates suggested topics for your review, allowing you to approve them yourself or send them to the meeting organizer for final approval. 

How to use the Meeting assistant bot

The meeting assistant can be accessed your Teams chat (the bot currently sends the 'Your week in meetings' updates each week), or by selecting the tab titled 'Chat' from within the Decisions application for Teams. 

Once there, you can give it as much or as little information as you'd like and it will intelligently create suggested agenda topics for you to review. The meeting organizer and all participants who have can use this feature to suggest agenda items.

Need some inspiration? Try prompts like:

  • Generate an agenda item for a meeting scheduled several weeks in the future.
  • Ask the bot to create a rich agenda topic from just a title.
  • Task the bot with attaching a file from your OneDrive or SharePoint relevant to the agenda item.

“Your Week in Meetings” Dashboard

The Week in Meetings Dashboard is your key to starting the week right. It provides a personalized weekly summary of your upcoming work schedule and associated meetings. Powered by AI, this tool ensures you are fully prepared and organized for each day. 

How to use the insights dashboard

Access the 'Your Week in Meetings' Dashboard through the home button in. your Decisions app. You'll also automatically receive weekly chat messages from Decisions that contain a summary of your coming week in meetings. Follow the steps outlined below to view your customized weekly meeting insights.
  • Navigate to the dashboard in Decisions or select "view summary" on your most recent 'My Week in Meetings" message in your Decisions Teams chat.
  • On the dashboard, click 'Get insights with' to generate a concise round-up of your week ahead

Agenda Assistant

Meeting Culture

The Agenda assistant is designed to simplify the agenda creation process. It allows you to effortlessly generate comprehensive meeting agendas from scratch by analyzing relevant meeting information from your Teams or Outlook invitations. The platform considers details such as time, invite specifics, participants, and notes to draft an agenda within seconds. The generated agenda can be easily reviewed and edited to suit your needs.

How to use the agenda generator

You can access the Agenda assistant when first creating your meeting agenda in the main meeting view alongside non-AI options like "Start from scratch" or "Use a template." You can also access this tool within the agenda editor view for a meeting that already has an agenda.

  • Navigate to your meeting in the meeting lookup view in the Decisions app and select any upcoming meeting, and on the meeting page select "Agenda Assistant" to create your agenda using AI.
  • The Agenda Assistant will source related content you may want to include in your meeting from the meeting invite such as the meeting title, attendees, meeting description, past information from within a meeting series, meeting chats, and more. You can also manually enter any information may want considered such as meeting objectives, topics, or other relevant information. The side panel also contains refiners to quickly define language, tone, and meeting type.
  • After the agenda is generated, you can continue to edit the agenda manually or  by asking the AI to make changes. 
  • After saving your agenda, you will then be able to make further edits, add attachments, and other adjustments before publishing and sharing your agenda from the traditional agenda editor view.
  • In this view, you can also access the agenda topic editor on each agenda item card. By clicking on the Agenda Assistant button on the relevant agenda item card.

And much more to come

We are working tirelessly to make an all-in-one AI meeting assistant. That means we’ll be rolling out features continuously.

Check this space for updates and new features over the next several weeks.

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