Discover what's available to use during the beta release of Decisions' AI-powered meeting platform

Meeting recap

Meeting Recap Optimized

Generate a concise summary of your meeting with Meeting Recap.

Using information from the meeting chat, invite details, transcripts and more, synthesizes it all together into a smart summary, complete with tasks, key takeaways, and decisions specifically called out.

How to use Meeting Recap

The meeting recap can be generated after a meeting has been completed and transcription or recording of the meeting was enabled.

  • If the meeting you want to recap isn't automatically recorded or transcribed, make sure to turn that on at the start of your meeting. 
  • After the meeting has ended, navigate to the agenda page for the meeting in Decisions. Click the 'Generate Meeting Recap' button on that display.
  • The platform will generate the recap, which you can edit and distribute via the meeting chat or Teams channel.
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Suggest agenda topics via bot conversation

Decisions Chat AI

You can now suggest agenda items by simply conversing with the Decisions bot!

Just ask the Decisions bot in your Teams chat to create agenda topics for meetings with existing agendas — including asking it to add attachments, lengths, type and more — and the bot understands your request and develops a suggested topic you can then approve yourself or send to the meeting organizer for approval.

How to use the Meeting assistant bot

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The meeting assistant can be accessed your Teams chat (the bot currently sends the 'Your week in meetings' updates each Monday), or by selecting the tab titled 'Chat' from within the Decisions application for Teams. 

Once there, you can give it as much or as little information as you'd like and it will intelligently create suggested agenda topics for you to review. The meeting organizer and all participants who have can use this feature to suggest agenda items.

Need some inspiration? Try prompts like:

  • Telling it to create an agenda item for a specific meeting several weeks away.
  • Give it just the agenda item title you want and see how it generates the other elements of the topic item.
  • Ask it to attach a file that may be relevant to the agenda item that is stored in your OneDrive or on Sharepoint. 

“Your Week in Meetings” Dashboard

Sunday scaries? Monday morning blues? Get your week started on the right foot with the ‘Your Week in Meetings’ dashboard. Leverage to get a customized weekly summary of your upcoming work schedule and attached meetings so you can come fully prepared every day.

How to use the insights dashboard

  • Go to the Decisions bot in teams as described above for the meeting assistant.
  • Find your most recent 'My week in meetings' message
  • Select 'View summary' from that message
  • On the dashboard, click 'Get insights with' to generate a concise round-up of your week ahead.
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Agenda generator

Meeting Culture can even create an agenda from scratch.

The platform will analyze relevant meeting info from your Teams or Outlook invitations (including the time, invite details, participants, notes, etc.), an draft an agenda in seconds that you can approve, review and edit as you see fit.

How to use the agenda generator

The agenda generator works right from where you make your agendas currently, but allows for a streamlined interface to generate amazing agendas for all your meetings, quickly and easily.

  • Go to the main menu in the Decisions app for Teams.
  • Select any upcoming meeting, and on the meeting page select 'Create with'
  • Here you will be presented to a variety of options to add context to your meeting, including the tone of the meeting, the language and the type of meeting.
  • Additionally, you can optionally add free-text details at this point about the meeting and what you want to accomplish, but also uses relevant information from the invite (such as the meeting’s title, attendees and any information written in the description section of the invitation) to generate the agenda. You can choose to include or exclude those sources as well here.
  • After the agenda is generated, you can continue to ask to make further adjustments and 'regenerate' until you are completed and can save the agenda.

And much more to come

We are working tirelessly to make an all-in-one AI meeting assistant. That means we’ll be rolling out features continuously.

Check this space for updates and new features over the next several weeks.

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