AI Pricing + Plans from Decisions — Add-on pricing is the AI-power meeting management platform from Decisions. Learn about our add-on pricing and package below. Note: An existing, paid license to Decisions is required to access functionality.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I access

To begin a free trial of, you and your organization must be a current user of the [core Decisions platform]. Start by [requesting access] to a free trial, and our team will review your request and, if approved, open access to your organization within 48-72 hours.  

If your organization already has been approved to use, a user with access to the Decisions Admin Portal can provision free trials for others within your organization.

Note: Access to and the appropriate Microsoft permissions granted are at the user level. For complete AI functionality, some adjustments need to be made at the tenant level (including, for example, granting access to meeting transcripts for the AI meeting recap tool). 

What features are included with a ‘ add-on license’?

A add-on license allows a user to be an AI content creator within Decisions. This enables access to additional AI-powered functionality for meetings the license-holder organizes or is a co-author in, including:

  • AI Meeting Recaps: Receive precise and succinct summaries of your meetings, synthesized seamlessly from chat logs, transcripts, and more.
  • AI Agenda Assistant: Craft ready-to-use agendas within moments using the intelligent agenda creation tool.
  • AI Messaging Interfaces: Welcome your AI-driven meeting coach. Produce richer content and glean deeper insights faster.
  • AI Insights Dashboard: Prep for the week ahead with tailored overviews.
  • Upcoming enhancements: Stay tuned for more cutting-edge additions, including advanced meeting minutes and facilitation features.
What limitations are there during the free trial?

The free trial lasts for up to 14 days, and during that time you are free to try all of’s features. During the trial period, you are limited to 250 total content generation requests (or ‘queries’). Each time you generate or regenerate content using an AI-labeled function will count as a query and is used against your cap.

What counts as a 'query'

A query is counted as any time a user makes a request to the server to generate or regenerate AI content. Users can generate content from various places within the product (at the agenda level, or from within the chat bot feed, for example) and can also regenerate content after providing additional information. Each time a request is triggered a query will be registered, even if you cancel the action before it completes.

For example, if you generate a meeting recap, then use the existing functionality to type in notes or suggestions, and hit ‘regenerate’ 3 times before finalizing the content, that would count as 4 total queries used during your trial period. 

Do I need to change any of my settings for

Access to permission scopes are granted primarily at the user level, but in order to maximize all the relevant features, you will need to adjust some settings at the tenant level.

For example, the meeting recap functionality can use meeting transcripts in order to better generate a draft recap. Granting access to that permission scope requires that the application is reauthenticated by a user who is an M365 admin on your tenant.

How is data shared and stored with these features? uses Microsoft Azure OpenAI services, which are hosted within the EU. The service is designed with a strong focus on data privacy and security. .

Data isolation: Inputs to and outputs from the service are not shared with other customers, OpenAI, or used to improve OpenAI models. They are also not used to enhance any Microsoft or third-party products or services or for automatically improving Azure OpenAI models. This ensures that data remains isolated and secure.

Stateless models: The AI models used by the Azure OpenAI service are stateless. This means that no prompts or generations are stored in the model. In addition, prompts and generations are not used to train, retrain, or improve the base models. This helps to ensure the privacy of our data and the integrity of the AI models.

For a full security review, please contact us about Enterprise pricing options.

What if I only want to use some of the features? is crafted to enhance every aspect of your meetings. While some users may seek only agenda builders or recap tools, we believe isolated features don't fully optimize meetings. That's why is a dynamic platform that evolves with time, introducing new and improved features. With our subscription license, you'll seamlessly access all these innovations as they roll out.

Does everyone on my team need a license?

Only those users who need to create content for their meetings need a license. That means that one user (assuming they are an organizer or co-author on the meeting) can handle the following scenarios: 

•    Generating the draft agenda using – A user with a license could use the AI Agenda Assistant to generate or enhance the draft agenda for their meeting. Once saved, the agenda can then be collaborated on as any other standard meeting agenda would be, so users who only have core Decisions licenses can benefit in that way.
•    Generating a meeting recap after the meeting ends – As with the agenda, the recap needs to be generated originally by the meeting organizer or co-author who also has a license. However, the recap can be shared (in the agenda view, via email, via Teams channel) and all applicable users can see or interact with that recap, regardless of if they have a license. users cannot create content for meetings they were not an organizer or co-author for. In order to create content in those meetings, additional licenses would be required for those meeting organizers. 

Why can’t I just use by itself? Why do I need a Decisions license as well? is an extension of the Decisions platform, and to fully utilize the features, it requires access to core Decisions features including the agenda builder, Planner and Chat integrations, and other key features. It would be impossible to use as a standalone application today, but we continue to work on how the two platforms will integrate and grow over time.

Do you offer bulk discounts on licenses?

Yes. For organizations looking to purchase 50 or more licenses, we can offer bulk discounts. Please get in touch with your account manager or contact us for more information.

I have more detailed questions, who do I contact?

Don't hesitate to contact us, we've love to talk to you all about AI and Decisions!